shell bay marine, family beach

Activities at
Shell Bay Marine

Family Beach, Swinging Moorings, Private Jetty, Tender Storage, Marine services, Dinghy Hire/Tuition, Sailing Tuition, Power Boat Certification


Everything you need

Parking and showers for Mooring holders, Water taxi, Electronic Entrance gates, Shell Bay Bistro and Restaurant next door

Quick glance

  • Wet moorings include free tender storage.
  • CCTV Cameras.
  • Electronic entrance facility.
  • Free car parking to Berth holders.
  • Summer and Winter land storage.
  • Toilet/Shower facilities.
  • Crane for power-washing, anti-fouling - up to 8 tons.
  • Lockable facilities for Outboard engines
  • Water taxi
  • Tender racks